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Breast Cancer

How to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Breast Cancer Awareness Day is observed every fourth Monday in October. While breast cancer is a serious illness, celebrating the recovery of many whose lives it has touched and gaining the awareness of others is how a cure is going to be found.


Things You'll Need

  • Awareness lapel pin
  • Postcard or e-card
  • Breast exam materials
  • Cupcakes or cookies with pink frosting
  • Breast cancer wreath
    • 1
      Wear your breast cancer awareness ribbon pin on your lapel for everyone to see. You may want to carry extra pins for co-workers, friends, family and people working in the businesses you visit.
    • 2
      Arrange with your employer to let employees wear jeans to work to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Day. In return, collect a $5 donation from each participant for breast cancer research. Your employer may even want to match (or double) the employee contributions.
    • 3
      Hang a breast cancer awareness wreath on your front door. Bring one to your office as well. Ask everyone to tie one ribbon on the wreath for themselves and one for someone they know or love who has fought breast cancer.
    • 4
      Host a dinner and collect donations for breast cancer research. You can increase the amount of money you can send to the breast cancer organization of your choice by asking guests to bring a dish instead of paying for a catered affair. Pink-frosted cupcakes and cookies for dessert are a good way to tie in the breast cancer awareness theme.
    • 5
      Write a letter to the editor sharing information on breast cancer and the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Ask the newspaper to cover breast cancer in the health section of the newspaper.
    • 6
      Make Breast Cancer Awareness Day the day you remind the women you love to have a mammogram. A postcard or e-card reminding them to get their yearly mammogram and to do monthly self breast exams is a fast, non-invasive way of getting your point across.
    • 7
      Write a letter to Congress, asking them to support legislation improving treatments for women with breast cancer.
    • 8
      Call local or national radio talk shows and discuss Breast Cancer Awareness Day. You might want to draft a list of points you wish to mention before calling in.
    • 9
      Volunteer to speak to the local high school or college health classes and present information on breast cancer. You can pass out take-home materials on self breast exams for young women in the class.
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