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Bollywood Heroines

Bollywood Heroines & Their Starry Tantrums

If you thought our tinsel town’s actresses’ latka, jhatka and nakhras are restricted to the big silver screen then here’s your reality check. From demanding a new wardrobe to demanding a new script, Bollywood actresses like Kareena & Katrina have such starry tantrums that it may put even Queen Elizabeth to shame!

Aishwarya Rai
It’s actually not a surprise that this Bachchan bahu has starry tantrums. Apparently, during the shooting of  Vipul Shah'sAction Replay she refused to get her make up done with the international make up artistes who were hired for the film. The reason being she couldn’t be comfortable with any other make up man except Ojas Rajani, her personal favorite. Well a beauty queen throwing a fit over a ‘beauty’ artiste? … I guess for Ash beauty is only skin deep!

Katrina Kaif
Don’t go by her elegant frame and her calm & composed persona for this Kat can bite and how! To promote Tees Maar Khan, Katrina was city hopping a lot. Recently after boarding her flight, the actress was apparently so exhausted that she fell into deep slumber without putting on her seat belt. And when the airhostess tapped her to wake her up she completely lost it. "How dare you touch me? Don't you know who I am?", is what she allegedly said to the airhostess according to a TOI report. Poor flight attendant, she probably didn’t know that you’re not allowed to touch … what’s her name? Yes, Sheila ki jawani.

Priyanka Chopra
One could assume this National Award winner must be quite a humble person, but it isn’t so. During the shooting ofAnjaana Anjaani, PC was rumoured to be really angry with the choice, outfit combination, colour combination and everything else designer Manish Malhotra’s assistant came up with. So much so, that Manish had to come to the set himself to pacify her. Good thing this didn’t happen during the shooting of Saat Khoon Maaf, or you never know what she could have done? Evil grin.

Kangana Ranaut
The actress who is famous for her psychotic roles on-screen is apparently even famous for her psychotic behaviour off-screen as well, especially when she is travelling by air. If rumours are to be believed Kangana travels with her assistant everywhere. But while she travels first class, her assistant travels economy class.

That’s not the problem. The problem arises when the airhostess would ask Kangana about what she would like to eat or drink and Kangana would simply ask her to direct all queries to her assistant sitting in the economy class. The stewardess would then have to go back and forth searching for Kangana's assistant just to satisfy Kangana’s food demands!

Kareena Kapoor
Bebo takes the cake when it comes to throwing tantrums. According to the grapevine she put several conditions in front of Madhur Bhandarkar before she agreed to do his film Heroine, a movie based on Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. A) She only wanted to work with A- listers (the film was supposed to have five actors). B) She flatly refused to do any love-making scenes. The funny part is even after the conditions were accepted, Kareena refused the movie anyway. Why? Because she didn’t like the script and asked Madhur to re-write it, again! No wonder Saif Ali Khan fell in love with Kareena, she already comes with the ‘nawabi’ air!

Which actress do you think is the tantrum queen? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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