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Love Forecast for 2011

Will you find love or get married? Will the one you love be faithful... We got tarot to decode the year ahead as per your sun sign. See what lies ahead for you and your partner...

Short and sweet romances may be in store for you in the months ahead. You may even find yourself completely bowled over by the attentiveness of a charming new soul. Have fun by all means, just make sure you don’t expect a wedding ring. Married couples may have their moments of boredom or restlessness but that’s life’s way of reminding you to share a hobby or do something you both love doing together. And if nothing else, exercise together.

A part of you may be unwilling to repeat something. You may take your time to decide about a proposal. Or may be unwilling to commit to a long term relationship. Ask yourself what is it that holds you back and realize the past will not repeat itself when you learn the lesson. Couples may consider long term investments like buying property. And if you were wondering why the stork hasn’t arrive yet, 2011 may be the year to discover the joy of parenthood!

One sure way to be miserable in a relationship is to keep score. Let go of this habit of how much you did and received and you’ll discover peace all over again. Couples may bicker and you may wonder about living separate lives but deep down, you’ll discover just how much you need each other. Singles who are looking may find themselves having to choose between two admirers, and if neither of them makes your pulse rate, maybe they aren’t worth choosing.

A sense of stability creeps into your soul and is reflected in your relationships. You may find your partner turns to you more and more for advice and support. And if single you may find yourself attracting quite a few admiring glances. One tip, don’t play the rescuer, remember ultimately we all have to help ourselves. Find a mate who’s already learnt that strength is meant to be shared and isn’t all about taking.

Happiness reigns supreme for the Leos. Marriage is on the cards for those single and looking. And if already married the cards promise joy and love as you embark on a new chapter in your life. The cards promise deeper commitment and intimacy. And if you’re looking to expand your family, look out for the stork in 2011.

A mysterious stranger may sweep you off your feet with his or her charms. Prepare to flirt, play mindgames and do all the silly, romantic things you never thought you’d ever do. Just don’t expect a long term commitment from this soul. If married or involved, keep a check on your jealous impulses. Remember, it’s flattering to be possessive, but it would be wise not to overboard, lest you lose the love of your life.

How can you ever find new love if you’re still stuck in the past. Time to release the memories of past loves, learn from mistakes and move on. Someone may be interested in you but may move on if you don’t reciprocate soon enough. Don’t keep them hanging. And if you’re already found the special someone, remember it’s okay to be vulnerable once in a while.

When it comes to magnetic appeal, you top the list. You may find yourself attracting quite a few admirers. And if you’re not careful, you may even be the hot topic in the office grapevine. An office romance could lead to quite a few raised eyebrows. And if you’re not discreet, a lot of gossip. Married Scorpions may need to learn to start listening more to their spouses to prevent ego clashes and misunderstandings.

A better year romantically for Saggitarians, 2011 brings a few interesting opportunities your way. Remember the ball is always in your court and if you don’t feel comfortable about committing yourself right away, don’t. Listen to your gut feel when it comes to choosing the right person. If involved, this year may spell marriage or an engagement to your special someone.

If you have a tendency to be the ‘giving’ soul in your relationships, 2011 is the year of change. You may find yourself more self reliant and asserting yourself in your relationships. Stop allowing yourself to be taken for granted. And refuse to settle for second best. If single and looking, don’t compromise or believe the other person will change. Remember you deserve the best.

In matters of the heart you may be a little unrealistic in your expectations. Or perhaps a little too naïve. 2011 may bring you moments where you see someone’s true colours or discover someone is definitely not your type any longer. If involved, don’t run away with your fears, a reality check now and then will be good for you and your partner.

If you’re fighting too much or crying too much in your relationship it may be time to move on. The cards foretell healing, but only after you find the courage to admit a relationship just isn’t working. If you’re recovering from a broken heart, hope is around the corner as a friend may reveal deeper feelings for you. Married couples may have their turbulent moments in the months ahead, but remember if the feelings are strong, its still worth hanging on.

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