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The Baby Shower: The baby shower is the most exciting event before the baby arrives! So, plan it well in advance. Rope in your closest pals and prepare a guest list, the menu, little gifts you'd want to give out, activities and games you'd like your friends to play and lastly, decide on what you would want to wear on the day. Pick something comfortable, yet pretty. Just don't stress yourself out too much.

Join a Club/Class: Clubs and classes are a great place to meet expectant mums like yourself and compare notes. You will make new friends and probably for your little one too! These clubs often have yoga or water aerobics sessions meant for pregnant women. This will help you shed those extra pounds post pregnancy with ease.

Shortlist Baby Names: You probably started doing this long before you got pregnant. But now, you can do it without feeling silly about it! Sit down with you hubby and list out names that interest you. Pick names that are meaningful, are different or simply catchy. It's normal to have tiny arguments every now and then over the choice of names before you pick one. But, they are fun too.

Go Baby Shopping: It's fun to go shopping anytime, isn't it? And more so when it is for your li'l bundle of joy! Visit stores near your place that stock things for newborns. Buy soft, comfortable clothes in neutral colours so you're safe whether it's a boy or girl. Also, the basics are the same for all newborns. Buy crib bedding and musical toys, bath kits, toiletries and so on. You could also paint a cradle all by yourself or do up the decor of the room meant for your baby!

Join a Prenatal Class: Motherhood is not only about the mother, the father plays an equally important role. If it is your first time, sign up for a prenatal class with your hubby. These classes will train both of you for labour, the delivery and early parenthood. So you can avoid 'the hubby fainting' situation! Buy yourself a parenting book and read it in and out. You do not want to hit the panic button when the baby starts wailing in the middle of the night! Image courtesy: © Thinkstock

Get Creative: If you are on maternity leave, use this time to get creative! Pick up those knitting needles and get going! Sure, you were never good at needlework but the pair of socks you knit for the baby will still look adorable (just because you made them!) Scrapbooks are another fun way to pass your time. Put together photos of different stages of your pregnancy, you and your hubby setting up the crib, baby shopping and the baby shower!

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