Saturday, December 1, 2007

SRK, KJo help Farah get ready

Post the success of Om Shanti Om, director Farah Khan is getting ready for her next baby – babies to be precise. The director is expecting triplets and her best friends in the industry – Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar – are making sure they do their fair share to help her get ready for motherhood.

Speaking before the release of her film Farah said Shah Rukh, hubby Shirish and she were working on baby names. “We will decide names only after the release of the film. I will have a lot of spare time then and all the names will be decided then. I don’t want to know the sex of my children... I don’t know how many boys or girls. But yeah Shah Rukh, Shirish and I will come up with a register of names and then we will decide,” Farah had said.

On Shah Rukh’s recent trip to London for the premiere of Om Shanti Om, SRK made sure he didn’t come back empty handed. “Farah has been advised bed rest and she couldn’t travel in this state. So Shah Rukh went shopping for her personally and brought back a pram that will fit all three of her babies... It’s custom made to his specifications,” says a source. And that’s not all Karan Johar, who is known for his fashionable style, has also been chipping in. “Karan’s been shopping for Farah whenever he travels. As soon as they knew she was pregnant she gave him a list of things that she needed and he shopped for her,” says the source, “He got her a lot of maternity dresses and other things that she will need after giving birth. From Marks and Spencer in London to high end stores in the US, Karan has been shopping away for his friend!” And just like in their personal lives, Karan, SRK and Farah have formed a trio of sorts in their professional lives as well. Neither one of them completes a project without the other two being a part of it. SRK made sure he had his best friends Karan and Farah on his television debut. Farah and Karan made an appearance on the Valentine’s Day Special on KBC while Karan and Farah can’t think of making a film without the King Khan. All of Karan’s superhits have had SRK in them while Farah has always said that no film of hers will be made without Shah Rukh in it.


Narayan said...

I love shaharukh and always prays for him :) Om shanti om.. I love it as usual his other films.

www, said...

second half was bad.

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