Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Richest Indian, Mukesh Ambani Builds 27-Story Glass Mansion Home in Mumbai City part-3

Mumbai, India (AHN) - The wealthiest Indian and the world's no 1 richest man, Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries, is building a new home in Mumbai city. The buzz around town is that the home-in-the-making is a glass mansion on Altamound Road called "Antilla." The name is derived from a phantom island in the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Spain.
Ambani's wealth is cumulated at $21 billion as of March 2007. Despite the skirmishes with his brother Anil Ambani, if the two join together, the collaboration could indeed amount to the wealthiest in the world.
The plan for the palatial building in India's economic capital is drawn up by the firm, Perkins and Will. And the mansion will have everything from a swimming pool to a personal car-servicing center for the Ambani family's 168 imported cars.
The design also calls for a refuge center in case of emergencies and of course a health center, including a health spa and gym. Other additions to the family home of 27 stories will include six floors for parking - exclusively for the family's automobiles.
In actuality, it is about 60 floors, but since it has been reduced to 27 stories to make the ceilings a bit higher. And a helipad or an air space floor is planned on the uppermost area, functioning as a control room for landing choppers. The eighth floor will have a mini theatre, which can seat 50, and will be used for recreational activities. A two-storied glass-front apartment will serve as guest rooms. Three floors will serve as terrace gardens with balconies. And the facility will be staffed, around the clock, with 600 employees.
The king of the Reliance conglomerate, decidedly one of the premier corporations in India, will have the top four floors as his abode, where he will share the private space with his wife Nita, their three children and his mother - the dream of most successful Indian businessmen. The view at the top will include the skyline of Mumbai city and a glimpse of the Arabian Sea.
The locality where the mansion is being developed has a real estate value of $1,841.36 per square feet. The building is expected to be finished by September 2008.
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Anonymous said...

This house will really put India on the map in terms of affluence and people who have personal wealth. We should be proud of the guy who has decided to put so much wealth and effort into making this in our country than building it some Western country.

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