Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dating Tips

The joy of the first few dates with someone um... dateable is really something. Here’s how you can enjoy it to the fullest, and keep yourself from acting like you’re a couple already:

1. Make an effort:
 Dressing decently, smelling nice and bringing flowers/chocolates/a bottle of wine (whatever he/she digs, or for a change, something that will really surprise your date) isn’t asking for too much. It shows your date you actually care about the way he/she thinks of you.

2. Don’t rummage his/her personal stuff: Your date’s mobile phone, wallet and purse are off limits. Don’t answer your date’s phone if it happens to ring when he/she isn’t around. And please don’t think it’s okay to dig into his/her wallet/purse for change (at a restaurant, petrol pump, a supermarket or whenever else) if you’re short. Ask — nicely, of course — if you’re really in a spot. Save the taking each other for granted bit (in a nice reassuring way, of course) for later. If and when there’s a later, that is.

3. No cave(wo)manly behaviour:
 There’s no place for burping, farting and scratching your privates (or scratching any part of your anatomy, for that matter) during the first few dates. If you absolutely totally must, remember that the key word is discreet.

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