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7 Awesome way to Deal with Break-up

Let’s face it. There isnothing awesome about a break-up.
It is a pitiful, painful experience which is limited to spending (or wanting to spend) hours in bed crying. While crying is mandatory after a break-up to release the pent-up emotions, it should not become a habit or an excuse to be miserable at all times.
Once you get over the initial shock, you can stand up and get back to being awesome! And this is how we suggest you can go about being that.

1. Do a 'Jab We Met'

The scene from the movie Jab We Met that has now become legend is the one in which Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) rips the photo of his ex-girlfriend apart and flushes it down the toilet. If you want to get over your ex, you need to do an Aditya and flush her memories down the toilet. Gift yourself an ultimate Bollywood moment and in true filmy style throw away every item that reminds you of her. No matter how silly it may sound, it works. Do it.
2. Flirt! Flirt! Flirt!
The one thing that you ought to do is engage in harmless flirting. This is a good way to boost your ego and remind yourself that you still have it in you. This will also be a good way to get back into the game, slowly but steadily. Do not make the mistake of committing too soon; just enjoy your freedom and make the most of it.

3. Go on a trip

You can escape the city (and the memories) by going out of town for the weekend. Go with friends, or family, or if it suits you – alone. Spending time away, being in a new environment will relax you. A change of scene will benefit you and you will come back feeling revived.

4. Party!

Dance away your woes! Party hard with your friends, groove to the music and down the drinks. This will help release all that pent-up energy and you will feel lighter & better. But take care to not drunk-dial your ex and get into an unnecessary fight or argument. The point of partying is for you to have fun and that is all you must be concerned with.

5. Do the things that she stopped you from doing

Every girlfriend has a list of things that her guy cannot do. This list includes staples such as no smoking, no looking at other women, no hanging out with your guy friends ‘too much’ to outright weird ones like not wearing white socks! You need to liberate yourself from her dos-don’ts and do stuff that pleases you. Free yourself from her rules and in the process get happier.

6. Make time for yourself and what you like

The relationship may have left you with little or no time for yourself or time to pursue a hobby of your liking. Now that you have all that excess ‘girlfriend time’ on your hand you can use it to your benefit. Take up a hobby, watch all the movies you always wanted to but never got time to, or simply lie in bed and look at the ceiling if it pleases you. This is the time to get narcissistic and do the things you like, the way you like them.

7. Groom to be the ultimate ladies' man

Instead of crying over one lost woman, get up and start to think how you can attract many of the million single ladies out there. Up your social skills, groom yourself and turn into an irresistible ladies' man. Be the man about town with an attitude, intelligence and charisma and see how women swoon over you. Imbibe the skills that will help you become this new confident man. If you need a mentor, simply read up on George Clooney. This attention from the fairer sex will not only boost your ego but it will make you forget all about her. So it's a win-win deal. 
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