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What not to do on a date

Not every man knows how to plan a perfect date.
A large number of men realize their mistakes after losing the girl they dated. If you think that you need to plan your dates in a better way then it is important to make yourself aware of dating disasters.
Dating disasters refer to the biggest mistakes which should always be avoided while dating. Following are some of the dating disasters which act as big turn off for girls.

Choosing the wrong kind of place for dating

The place you choose for dating should be decent and nice. Keep the girl’s comfort in your mind while choosing the place. Never choose a place where the crowd is not good. If you choose the wrong place for your date then your girl would not be able to enjoy the date. If she does not enjoy the date then she would probably not give you a second chance.

Talking dirty and appearing desperate

If it is your first or second date then keep the conversation clean and fun. Do not divert your conversations to sex. Just concentrate on making the girl comfortable. Whether you are desperate or not; do not let your desperation come up in your conversations. No girl would like to continue dating with a desperate guy.

Not listening to the girl

There are many men who love to talk so much that they completely forget to listen to the other person. When it comes to dating, such people usually fail to make a girl interested in them. Girls love to listen to their men but they also wish to get heard. A Man who appears disinterested in a girl’s talk would be considered self centered by the girl.

Wearing improper clothes

Every girl wants to date a man who has good (if not great) sense of dressing. Men who dress like clowns find it very difficult or impossible to impress any girl on a date. Therefore, it is very easy to choose your clothes carefully while going on a date.

Not giving respect to the girl

irls are lovely creatures who should always be treated with respect. Men who appear to be rude and crude would find it difficult to win any girl’s heart on a date. Never disrespect a girl in any way while having a date with her. Activities like opening the door for the girl, pulling out the chair for her, letting her sit first, saying “after you” etc; always help in impressing girls.

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