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Closing in on your wedding day without seeing any progress in weight loss plans? Fear not. These new diet rules for 2011 will give all the brides amongst us cause to heave a huge sigh of relief. Today, we're banishing all the old, redundant, false, weight loss myths that most young brides fall prey to so easily. No more skipped meals, gross tasting liquid concoctions, and old wives' tales. Here are some new diet rules that all 2011 brides can follow without damaging their bodies, minds or wedding days… *Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images

Old rule: Banish all alcohol.
New rule: Banish all unhealthy alcohol mixers, and allow neat or watered down drinks. Alcohol by itself, will only harm your weight loss plans if you binge drink and eat and drink it with unhealthy snacks or mixers. Allow yourself a glass or two of red wine, or a shot or two of vodka, whiskey, brandy, whatever the liquor of your choice is. Avoid too many beers, since maltose will, indeed, sabotage your weight loss plans. But no bride needs to fear liquor on the whole. After all, come wedding day, you should be able to hold your liquor down – you might need it!

Old rule: No more gross neem and bitter gourd morning drinks.
New rule: Get all your fibre and antioxidants from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You got lucky here. A decade or two ago you would’ve been downing daily neem shots in a bid to glow on your wedding day. Instead, science has proved that fibre, antioxidants and nutrients can easily be found in vegetables and whole grain cooked with healthy methods, and fruits consumed whole. Eat at least 3 fruits and take down at least 3 vegetable servings a day. As for whole grain, simply substitute all your current grain/cereal intake with whole grains like barley, corn, maize and wheat.

Old rule: No meals after 7pm.
New rule: Eat whenever you like, but eat right.
 Most dieticians admit that this post-7pm food deadline is primarily to aid digestion since people tend to eat heavy dinners, which the body finds hard to digest optimally before bed time. While there is some truth to the fact that it’s best to eat at least two hours before sleeping, the key lies in what you eat rather than when you eat. So if your bridal intentions are clear, then snack away on healthy salads, soups, broths, even low-fat desserts as long as you know which foods to avoid.

Old rule: Zero fats, low carbs and plenty of veggies.
New rule: Some fat, moderate carbs, plenty of protein, and yes the veggies are okay.
Traditional diets tend to neglect protein. They don’t like fats at all and they’re not too keen on carbs. These tend to be ill-balanced diets that lead to unhealthy cravings, extra fat deposits and weakness. Instead, ensure that each meal contains plenty of vegetables (approx. 100-150gms), moderate carbs (approx. 50-100gms), adequate protein (50gms minimum) and some fat (about 10-20gms). This meal break-up gives your body what it needs to restore energy reserves and keep you full longer.

Old rule: Skip meals, and sit at home. 
New rule: Eat at regular intervals and exercise.
 Thankfully, those days of brides being seen as delicate flowers that need rest and more rest, are gone. Today, a bride is strong, independent, keen on being fit rather than being fragile, and definitely in control of her diet and workouts. So we say, get 4-5 nutritious meals a day and get out there and exercise. Come wedding day, you will not only look your best, but you will be energetic enough to enjoy your own wedding day.

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