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All excited to move into your new house with your better half? iDiva gives you some cues to make your home brighter, trendier and in sync with your personality

The basics

There are no proven essentials to look for while planning to decorate your new house. However, location, size, proximity, design, and style are few of the basics. According to Kaizad Dinshaw, interior designer, Nitido Design, “Size should be chosen very carefully so as to make your home future proof. Considering your needs might change over a period of time, select a home that will not only suit your needs today, but will also cater to your future needs. Also, choose a location that suits your lifestyle.”

Theme of your choice
Like you decide on your attire depending on the mood, weather and occasion; a preferred house/room theme talks about your personality and interests. Kaizad adds, “Select a theme that conveys a message to an audience while giving you that ‘at home’ feel. Choose a style that is timeless in your eyes. Try and imagine how it would be to live with the style you have chosen over a substantial period of time.”

Design it right
While shopping for furniture, artefacts or other elements for the new house, know what you and your partner’s preferences are: whether it’s modern, conservative, or a bit of both. “It is never incorrect to mix styles and one you surely have a contemporary home with a fusion of classic elements,” Kaizad adds.

Furniture with low maintenance
While designing the new house, keep in mind the ongoing maintenance costs as well. Materials chosen should be easier to clean. According to the experts, use laminated furniture in areas of high traffic and moisture such as kitchen. Stainless steel is easy to clean and yet gives an elite look. 
Quick tips:
  • Add darker colours to draw attention to certain areas.
  • Silks used against bright sunlight fade away faster.
  • Choose leather over fabric for sofas. It’s easier to clean.
  • Use wallpapers and mix with shades on other walls.
  • Use colourful bed linens.
  • Preferably opt for a pastel shade for bedroom; and white/grey/ivory for the living room.

Trend watch
Experts Kaizad Dinshaw and Achilles Jim R. Pantaleon, consultant, @home talk about the latest trends to keep in mind while designing your new couples’ abode:
  • Drawing/living area – The drawing room truly is about style and comfort, so select a comfortable yet stylish seating arrangement. Elements such as bookshelves, rugs, and lamps add texture and warmth to this space.
  • Master bedroom – Decorating the bedroom according to Vastu is an option. This space should look and feel like a place to retire. Choose a bed and mattress carefully for maximum comfort. Select accessories that convey a sense of calm and solitude. Select prints that add colour without being too loud. Choose fabrics comfortable to touch and healthy to sleep on.
  • Kitchen – Selection of a good kitchen vendor makes your task a lot easier. Make sure oven, chimney, washing space are not openly displayed.
  • Study – Preferably choose a quiet corner of the house to have a study. Select a large table with ample of storage and leg space along with a comfortable armchair.

Image and Article Sources: Idiva

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