Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dating Mistakes

7 Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Your Past Dating Mistakes

1. FACE REALITY - accept that your relationship is over. Sometimes facing the aftermath of a bad breakup can be daunting. But understand you will be much better off emotionally if you can accept it and move on. It's hard, but not impossible and since you're a smart girl, you can do it. 

2. BELIEVE YOUR EX THIS TIME - if your guy dumped you and told you he didn't want to be with you anymore, believe him. Maybe he had a big problem telling you the truth in the past when you were in a relationship, but he's actually telling you the truth this time. It might be hard to accept that someone you once loved no longer loves you, but it's the truth and in order to move on you're going to have to come to grips with that. Don't sit by the phone, waiting for him to call because he won't. Don't 'just happen' to go to places you know he frequents in hopes of running into him there. He broke your heart, remember? Use your time to work on you and your future.

3. DON'T BE A HATER - whatever he did to you, don't hate him for it. It takes up too much of your precious time and energy to harbor feelings of hatred toward him. You can also become so consumed with hatred that you stop living your life for you and it becomes all about your ex. You need to get to the point where you can actually feel sorry for the bastard who broke your heart because he is really a damaged person who needs to learn how to behave properly in a romantic relationship.

4. CREATE A NEW HABIT TO REPLACE YOUR BAD BOYFRIEND HABIT - after a breakup, it's important to add new activities to your routine. Exercise, learn a new language or go back to school. You may not feel like doing anything more than sulking on your couch, but now's not the time. Right now, it's time to start adding new, fun and exciting activities to your routine. Try something new and watch how quickly your life and your spirit change. 

5. TOSS HIS THINGS - don't save the mementos of your relationship if they causes you pain. If you still have the jewelry he gave you for your birthday, sell it and buy yourself something fabulous. If all the clothes he bought you while you dated are still hanging in your closet, donate them to a charity like Dress for Success, an organization that provides clothing for disadvantaged women to go on job interviews. If you just can't bring yourself to toss the things that remind you of him, have a girlfriend take the stuff and promise to keep it for a year. She must also promise not to provide you with access to those things for a year, though! When that year is over, you'll see, you won't even remember that you gave her those things for safekeeping. 

6. DON'T BEFRIEND OTHER BITTER WOMEN - you've heard the old phrase that misery loves company. Women who are brokenhearted want somebody to join them in their bitterness, but don't you dare join the Bitter *** Club. Find a group of happy, healthy women to hang out with instead and soon, you'll be just like them, bragging about your great relationship.

7. CUT OFF ALL CONTACT - "Have no contact for thirty days," said dating expert Kerry Gray. "Then shoot for another thirty. Pretty soon you will be a new woman who can look at her ex and be glad it's over even if you really loved him."

The bottom line is - don't waste your PRECIOUS TIME analyzing and remembering your ex relationship. Get on with your life!

Image and Article source: Dont Date Him Girl

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