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If you are looking for a healthy and younger looking skin, you must take care of your skin regularly and pamper it whenever necessary. One such important regimen you should follow to enhance your skin's appearance is to use a facial scrub. Compared to any other part of the body, facial skin is very sensitive and is prone to number of problems like acne, dark spots, dryness etc. It is also the most exposed part which definitely requires special attention. Scrub removes the dead skin off your face and reveals a supple and fresh looking skin. Most people are under the assumption that using scrub is harmful for the skin which is not true. If you use the right scrub with proper ingredients, it always benefits your skin and is a major advantage for people who are looking for beautiful flawless skin. Let's check out the amazing benefits of using a facial scrub which contributes towards a wonderful skin.
  • Scrub will help you get rid of toxins and dead skin cells, thus stimulating the growth of new skin cells which leads to fresh and younger skin tone.
  • Using a facial scrub stimulates the skin which results in improved blood circulation. This leads to firm and healthy looking skin.
  • If you are facing blemishes and dark spots problem, it is ideal to use the scrub regularly. This will remove the dirt on the face which reduces the skin imperfections and contributes towards flawless skin.
  • For dry skin people who have flakes around nose and chin area, a scrub will help remove the crumbly layer of the skin and makes it easy for you to moisturize.
  • If you are tired and exhausted after a long day's work, even your face would look weary. Facial scrub helps remove dirt, dust and grime making your skin look fresh, relaxed and beaming.

Exfoliating your face in moderation can make skin brighter and softer. Buffing away dry, dead cells on your face will reveal the fresh cells underneath, but exfoliates are definitely not for everyone. People with skin issues such as hives or sensitive skin should check with their dermatologist before considering using these types of products. Exfoliating to help maintain the youthful glow to your face. "Exfoliating helps fights against aging because it stimulates blood and lymph flow and cell turnover. As we age, cell turn over slows down and your skin can start to look dull.
There are a range of different types of exfoliators so it's sometimes overwhelming knowing which type is most suitable for yourself.

Physical cream exfoliators Cream scrubs contain micro-beads in a moisturizing cream or lotion base, and are great for people with dry skin. Just be wary when choosing with the type of beads in the creams. Some contain sharped-edged beads that can leave micro-scratches on your skin, so look for creamy exfoliators that have rounded beads instead.

Physical gel exfoliators Gel scrubs give the same results as cream scrubs but are in gel form so they are better for oily and combination skin types.

Chemical exfoliators These exfoliators use glycolic, lactic, citric, or salicylic acid to chemically remove dead cells on the surface of the skin, which is also good for people with oily skin. If you have never used a chemical exfoliator before, start using it only once or twice a week, at night—once your skin adjusts, you can increase the number of times used per week.

Cloth or pad exfoliators These gentle manual exfoliators are meant to cater to all skin types, except for people with skin issues. They can also help with acne problems, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Like any manual scrub, always follow product instructions and be careful not to go overboard. 

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