Sunday, October 12, 2014

7 Things Every Man Should Know About Using Moisturisers

You wouldn’t go a day without drinking water, right? Likewise, you shouldn’t go a day without hydrating your skin. It’s not something that is meant to help you on that very day. The benefits of moisturising will go a long way—something that will be visible years later in the future too.  Lack of moisturising causes skin to look tugged and dry. The skin, as a result, will crack and that will cause wrinkles eventually. So, if you’re not into the habit of moisturising your skin daily, we suggest it’s time you start doing that, pronto. But before that, here are 7 things every man should know about using moisturisers.

1) One of the main reasons why you should use moisturisers is because these creams contain ingredients that help your skin perform better. They not only protect the skim from foreign ailments such as dust, dirt and pollutants but also protect it from losing its important components that keep skin elastic and healthy.

2) Choose your moisturiser according to your skin type—whether it’s oily, dry, combination or normal. A well-chosen moisturiser can enhance your skin’s function. Your skin, therefore, will look and also act younger. Skin is supposed to be the largest organ, so it only makes more sense to use a custom moisturizer.

3) Truth be told, moisturisers do not add any moisture to your skin. They just act as a natural barrier that allows your skin to deal with whatever it has to deal with in a better manner.

4) Most face moisturisers contain, rather should contain, sunscreen.  It is imperative to look for a cream that will protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays of the sun which is why you must get a cream with SPF properties of at least 30.

5) It’s always best advised to moisturise your skin thoroughly every day, but more so at night. This is because during the night our bodies lose a lot of water and a good moisturiser will make sure your skin remains hydrated. Moreover, the skin goes into a repair mode only at night, so, a right moisturiser with right ingredients will also help in the repair process.

6) The best time to moisturise your skin is after you shave or exfoliate. Shaving or exfoliating is a very important process as they help you get rid of the dead skin cells but they also strip your face from some of its essential oils. Moisturising your skin later will help restore balance.  Also, one should ideally moisturise after a bath when your body is still wet. This will keep your body moisturised for a long time.

7) There is no written rule on how much and when you should moisturise your skin. Skin type is an important factor. So people with dry skin should ideally moisturise more than people with oily or normal skin. There are some occasions that require more moisturising than others. One should ideally moisturise more during winters, after a flight journey or after a swim. These activities can render your skin dry.

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