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Valentine's Day

How to Plan a Romantic Evening for Valentine's Day 
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Valentine's Day is an opportunity for lovers to celebrate and come together. If you are buckling under the pressure to come up with a good idea for you and your lover for the holiday, just follow these steps to plan a romantic evening for Valentine's Day.

Be creative. There is something to be said for roses, dinner and a movie, but there is plenty more to be said for a highly personalized gesture.

Plan it together. One way to make sure you and your partner agree the festivities are appropriate is to cooperate in planning them.
Make it a surprise. When you decide to surprise your partner, it is a good idea to tell them you are planning something. Otherwise, both of you might be trying to surprise each other.

Make any reservations or arrangements as far ahead of the date that you can. Valentine's Day is extremely busy for almost all restaurants, concert venues etc. The earlier you reserve a spot, the better.

Arrange for transportation. If you think the two of you might be drinking, consider renting a limo. It is not as expensive as you might think, especially if you go in with another couple or two.

Have the appropriate soundtrack. When you are driving, spending part of the evening at home, or are going to be anywhere you can control the soundtrack, make sure the mood music is right.

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