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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Ideas for Every Couple
Planning a Valentine’s Day date is not an easy job. You can’t be too sure if a date idea will be considered too casual or intimate by your partner. We put together date ideas according to the different stages of a relationship. Choose the right one for you and your partner.

New relationship: It’s been only a few weeks since you starting dating this guy. Impress him with a nice dinner reservation. Dress to impress in a flirty dress and sexy heels and maybe dark eye make or red lips. Don’t go over the top, but order some nice wine and in case your date offers to pay for it, politely refuse him at first or go dutch.

Steady: You’ve been together for a year now. You may be past your honeymoon stage, but plan something fun with your boyfriend. You could even go a double date couple friends who you’ve known a while. Go out dancing, bowling or even to a theme park and have a blast!

Committed: You’ve said the three magical words to each other. You are at a stage where you can live with each other’s flaws. Make it an indoor picnic with all kinds of picnic foods like barbequed veggies, chicken sandwiches, cheese and crackers. Follow it up with a movie that both of you like and a session of passionate love-making.

Engaged: This probably will be the most romantic Valentine’s Day for both of you. Pamper him and yourself with a couple’s spa treatment. This will take the stress off each other especially if you are amidst planning a wedding. You could then take him for a lavish lunch followed by a late evening stroll by the beach.

Married: You don’t have to make this a stay-at-home date just because you are married. Surprise your spouse by taking him on an early morning drive to the nearest hill station. Follow a trekking trail or go to a wildlife sanctuary if you have one in your city. Treat him to a laden picnic basket once you reach the end of the trail. If both of you have some time off work commitments, head to a resort that offers glamping (i.e camping in stylish tents sans the mosquito repellent)

With kids: Being a full-time or even a part-time parent can take a lot of your energy. So, make arrangements to leave your kids with their grandparents or trusted relatives and go off to the nearest beach resort. Book a table on a yacht, order in some fancy wine/ champagne and, sit back and enjoy some romantic time with your husband.

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