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Top 5 Hygiene Tips While Travelling
Trying out new things, going on an adventure, sampling local cuisine, shopping and having the best time of your life etc. are 'little' expectations you have when you go out to explore the world. But, do you know that there are certain little things which you often ignore amidst all the fun in your travel plans? And those little things are germs. Ignore them and all your travel plans will go for a toss. So, if you want to enjoy a trouble free vacation, then follow these simple hygiene tips which will let you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
Prepare a Travel Kit

You must carry a hand sanitizer, disposable tissues, face wash and a first-aid kit with you to ensure that your vacations go without a hitch. These small things will protect you from the vicious bacteria and germs that can make your stomach upset or make you fall sick on the way. Irrespective of the expected menstrual cycle time, a woman should always carry sanitary napkins in her bag.

Nature's Call and Dirty Toilets

Not just public toilets, airline toilets are also a breeding ground for germs. With hundreds of people using the same commode, it is natural that it becomes the hub of viruses and germs. So for your peace of mind, always clean the rim of the toilet seat with sanitizing wipes. And also, touch the toilet door knob using a tissue paper.
Whenever you travel, carry your own toilet paper which will be useful while using public toilets. It is always advisable to carry your own disposable soap sheets, rather than using the liquid soaps available in the public toilets.

Examine Your Hotel

Your hotel room may appear clean to you, but you never know what the true story is. Pillows and bed sheets are the two things which tend to be "germy" in a hotel room, as they have been used by many people.

Therefore, it is advisable to carry a bed sheet which can be used underneath the quilt or sheet provided in the hotel. Besides this, examine each and every nook and cranny of your hotel room. If you are unsatisfied, then talk to the cleaning staff and give them your feedback. Do not forget to give them a good tip as well. They will surely appreciate your gesture and put an added effort to clean your room.

Hygiene goes for a toss when you see mouth watering street food in front of you.
After all, everybody loves gol gappas in Delhi, momos in Kolkatta, gaeng som in Thailand and hot dogs in New York. However, before you order from a joint, always go through the below mental checklist.

"    Is the wok spotless?
"    Are the surroundings clean?
"    Are the serving dishes being washed carefully?

If you are a little confused about where to go, you can talk to the locals and ask them to recommend some good food joints. While on a road trip never take a risk and go to an unhygienic restaurant. Just walk into a super market and get some juice, bread, chocolate bars, assorted cheese and fruits.


While travelling, always buy mineral water. A few places may claim to have clean water, but do not take their word for it. You can also make an investment in a mini water purifier. Carry it around wherever you go and enjoy clean and safe drinking water for free.

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