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Maternity Hospitals

India's Most Luxurious Maternity Hospitals

India's Most Luxurious Maternity Hospitals
From the best gynaecs to the best hospital suites, we know you want what's best for you bundle of joy. So, we've put together a list of some of the country's most luxurious birthing suites that promise amenities that even include pick and drop in a high-end car

India's Most Luxurious Maternity HospitalsHiranandani Hospital, Mumbai: There are two birthing suites at Mumbai's Hiranandani Hospital that have the standard labour, delivery and recovery (LDR) suite amenities. In these suites, the baby is kept with the mother, and not in a separate nursery. They also come with a whirlpool tub inside the bathroom for the mother to soak in warm water to ease the labour pain. To add to minimalistic approach, the equipment and other medical instruments are shelved away in built-in cupboards.

India's Most Luxurious Maternity HospitalsFortis La Femme, Gurgaon: Luxury begins at this hospital that has four LDR rooms, with no stone left unturned in the quest for opulence. From personal attendants and personalised diets to a fab private seating area for visitors, and they come at a price ranging from Rs 45,000 to Rs 2 lakh depending on the amenities.

India's Most Luxurious Maternity Hospitals
The Columbia Asia, Kolkata: The Columbia Asia has just one LDR suite. This room is equipped with a remote-controlled bed that converts into a reclining chair at the time of delivery. There's more, like a baby warmer for right after delivery, a kitchenette and a separate enclosure for the family. The cost of the birthing suite is about Rs 50,000 for 3 nights, inclusive of hospital fee, room charges and doctors' fees.

India's Most Luxurious Maternity Hospitals
Seven Hills, Mumbai: Not many knew of this luxe hospital until Aishwarya Rai Bachchan checked-in to deliver her baby, Aradhya. The Labour, Delivery Recovery Postpartum Suite (LDRP suite) at Seven Hills has quite a few amenities. The mother's bed can be adjusted to a variety of birthing positions at the time of delivery. To make it convenient, if a Caesarean section is called for, the operation theatre is located on the same floor.
The mother is pampered with the services of a constant personal trained attendant. Also the newborn baby will stay in a cradle, right next to the mother in the same room itself.

India's Most Luxurious Maternity Hospitals

Cloud Nine, Bangalore: Before you check in to one of the 24 suites at Cloud Nine (formerly called The Cradle), a Mercedes Benz will be send to pick you up to take you to the hospital. This one we haven't heard of before - if a mother wants the Gayatri Mantra to be played during the labour process, it will be done. Other facilities here include specially-designed low wash basins, plasma TV, CD players, reclining beds and baby warmers.
Apart from that there are fitness consultants and aerobic classes before and after the delivery for the mother. Now that's a pretty sweet delivery.

India's Most Luxurious Maternity Hospitals
Isis Clinic, Bangalore: There are two fully-equipped, private, spacious labour rooms with private bathrooms. All the walls and doors are sound-proofed and there is a neonatal resuscitating station for the delivery of the baby. If there is a neonatal emergency, this station is fully loaded with all the resuscitation equipment, including a ventilator during a delivery. The labour rooms are located opposite the main theatres and in case of need for a caesarean this can be done within minutes as one theatre is always set-up and standing by for an emergency delivery procedure.

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