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Male Attraction

Top 10 Signs of Male Attraction

Many women seek out signs of attraction from men by what they are told. When it comes to determining signs of male attraction, it might be easier to tell by what he says with his body language rather than his words. Since men often get tongue-tied when they feel attraction to someone, verbal clues may be confusing. However, there’s no mistaking the clues his entire body is leaving for you.

His eyes should be locked onto yours, looking deep and soulful. His pupils may be slightly dilated, expressing a subconscious desire for intimacy. If his eyes dart around the room or he’s blinking and narrowing his eyes often, that’s a sign that he’s looking for something or someone else.
When he’s attracted to you, his smile is going to be genuine and frequent. When he’s got a smile plastered on and laughs too forcefully, he’s just being polite.
Men square up their shoulders and often flex subconsciously when talking to a woman they are attracted to. He’ll gently position himself where you are front and center to him, indicating that he’s focused entirely on you.
Crossed arms indicates a desire for a barrier, so open arms is an invitation to get closer, physically and emotionally and is one of the clear signs of male attraction. Gesturing with open palms indicates he’s opening up to you as well.
Aside from sweaty palms, his hands can clue you in that he’s attracted to you. When he runs fingers through his hair or smooths out his shirt, he’s attempting to look his best. He may subtly touch you on the arm or shoulder to initiate more attraction.

Where are they taking him? If he always manages to be near you, no matter where you go, he’s positioning himself to interact with you. Whether it’s the first time you’ve met or he’s suddenly turning up everywhere you are, chances are he wants to be around you for a reason.
When walking past someone to whom he is attracted, a man may strut-that is, walk with his chest puffed out a little and shoulders thrown back. It serves the same purpose that a woman’s walk does when she sways her hips and gets attention from the opposite sex.
When he starts acting like a gentleman by holding doors open for you or helping you with your coat, he’s demonstrating that he’s interested in taking care of you and making your life easier. It also shows that his mother raised him right, so make sure they are signs of male attraction and he’s not just being polite.
Many men choose to hide their attraction behind a silly flirtatious tease. They may joke, tickle or toss out mock insults to make you laugh and flirt right back. Of course, a man that is more shy may just clam up because he’s intimidated.
When he’s complimentary to you, it’s a good sign of attraction. Make sure he goes beyond your looks and points out things he likes about your personality as well. While physical attraction is a must to begin a relationship, he should also pick up what makes you special on the inside as well.

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