Friday, September 30, 2011

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss’ fans will love this. Take a look at the 9,000 square feet house designed by interior designer Shayam Bhatia for this reality show. The kitchen, the confession room, the dining area, the swimming pool and the works... here are exclusive photos of the Bigg Boss house!

The confession room: Where all the dirty secrets are revealed! Even the ones that Bigg Boss’ 55 cameras failed to capture.

The captain’s room: No points for guessing Bigg Boss’ contestants will be fighting for this room to get additional luxuries and special privileges.

The living room: Can’t wait for the open nominations over here.

The kitchen: Isn’t it fun to watch celebrities fighting over food and who will do the dishes?

The swimming pool: Bet people are dying to see Shakira in a bikini; i.e if she is indeed one of theBigg Boss 5 contestants.

The dining table: Let’s see who steps up to the plate to win Rs. 1 crore in prize money!

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