Saturday, April 3, 2010


Are You Bitter and Broken After a Bad Breakup?

Getting through a bad breakup is a daunting task. You're so bitter and brokenhearted that you don't think you'll ever fall in love again. But guess what? You will! Here's how!

1. Don't let being bitter break you down. Most of the time, other women can quickly spot the bitter woman in the room. She's the one who spends all of her time bashing men, complaining about an ex or lamenting about why she can't find a date. You don't want to be that woman. Yes, you've suffered a breakup, but the pain you feel now is not permanent. Spend your time thinking about your future and what you can learn from this breakup, not on your awful dating past.

2. Don't stop believing. It's not just the name of a song. It's the truth. Just because you're going through a bad breakup doesn't mean you should simply give up on love. If you give up because some bastard broke your heart, then what do you have to look forward to in the future? You will find love one day, so you better start acting it like it now.

3. Don't stop healing. After a bad breakup you've got to take the time to heal. Stop dating for at least three months after a breakup. You need that time to clear your head and heal your heart. Don't rush back onto the dating scene out of revenge, either. If you broke up with your boyfriend on Friday, don't act like you're over it on Saturday. Healing is going to take a little longer than that.

Artical by: Tasha Cunningham, Dontdatehimgirl

Picture Sources: shutterstock

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