Monday, April 5, 2010

after Break up

The end of a relationship often brings relief. This is especially true if you were dating a man and there was constant tension between the two of you. Unfortunately, even if you feel that the break up was warranted and the right thing for you, it can still be hard to get over him. If you are ready to move on and you want to forget an ex boyfriend, there are a few steps you need to take now.

You have to make a promise to yourself to not call your ex when you are trying to get over him. In an effort to make this easier on yourself it's a good idea to delete his contact information from your cell phone. It's much more tempting to call him, if you constantly see his name in your contact list. The same holds true of his email address. Delete him from your address book. This can be a difficult step, but it's incredibly important if you want to eventually forget an ex boyfriend so you can move on.

Removing all reminders of him is the next step. This means throwing out anything that even remotely makes you think of him. Included in this process should be all photographs you have of him or the two of you, any gifts he may have given you and all greeting cards or love letters he wrote for you. If you are still harboring hope that the two of you may one day get back together, this step may not be something you can do on your own. If you know that you simply don't belong together, and you are having trouble throwing everything away, enlist the help of a friend. Tell her that you can't do it alone. Chances are that at some point she also wanted to forget an ex boyfriend and struggled with throwing reminders away too. Most friends are more than happy to help.

This next step is an important one when you want to forget an ex boyfriend so don't skip it. Make a list of all the negative qualities about your ex that drove you crazy. Once you start with this, you'll be surprised by how extensive the list is. Start it one day, save it and then every time you think of a habit of his that annoys you, or something he did that hurt you, add it to the list. Refer back to the list every time you start to think that getting back together with him is a good idea. Keep the list handy, either on a piece of paper in your purse or save it on your computer so you can open it whenever you feel the need. Remembering the things about him that you didn't find attractive or fetching will really help you to forget him and move forward so you can begin a new relationship.

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