Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boy friend problem........???

ALERT: Why Some Guys Never Grow Up
Hey ladies! Is your guy a boy masquerading in a man's body? Does he throw temper tantrums like he lost his favorite blankey? Here are 3 reasons why!1. He had an overbearing mom. "When guys are too coddled by their mothers as boys, they become whiny brats as they grow older," said The Average Guy. "And no woman wants to be with them because they still want mommy to take care of everything for them. Those are the guys they say have mommy issues."2. He doesn't want to forget his college days. For your guy, college was a blast � beer with the boys, throwing his stuff all over the floor and never really having to clean up after himself. Unfortunately, now he wants to keep the frat party going in his relationship with you. 3. He's in no rush. In his mind, he's got a while to go before he actually HAS to grow up, so why start now? Also, men today can have "friends with benefits" relationships well into their 40s and 50s because the definition of what constitutes a relationship has changed. � Tasha CunninghamArticle from:

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