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ten most common mistakes (4 Dog Lovers)

If you are unaware of the ten most common mistakes that puppy ownersmake, then your dog training goals may never be realized.

So what are these mistakes? Drum roll please......

TEN - We Treat Our Puppies Like Children

It is a great mistake to believe that your puppy thinks like a child.It does not. Your puppy has an important culture of its own, and ifyou want your puppy to respect you as its human leader, then you mustrespect it as your dog.

NINE - We Play Ball With Our Puppies Too Soon

One of the first things most people buy for their puppies are throwballs. Once these toys are obtained puppy owners quickly train theirpuppies to chase. While this may not present a problem for more maturedogs, teaching your puppy to running after things may become a seriousproblems when your puppy sees a cat or a squirrel. Our advice, teachyour puppy to come when called before you teach it to run in theopposite direction. Then, after you know that your puppy has areliable recall, go hog wild with the throw toys.

EIGHT - We Let Our Puppies Walk On Us

We all know that puppies are too cute for their own good. As such wepick them up and let their little feet touch our bodies. Then, oh no,puppies get bigger and so do their feet. Too bad, so sad, rememberwhen you would let your puppy walk all over you? Now your puppy thinksthat you are a sidewalk! Our advice, if you keep little paws on thefloor, those same paws will remain on the floor when they get bigger.Yahoo! You don't need to be a sidewalk after all!

SEVEN - We Don't Use The Crate As A "Time Out" Area

Most puppy owners have been told that it is wrong to send a puppy toits crate as a form of discipline. Don't you believe it. "Time out" isan awesome way to use your puppy's crate as a training tool. In muchthe same way that you never learned to hate your bedroom when yourparents sent you to it, your puppy will not learn to hate its cratebecause you want it to take a "time out".

Remember this tip, when you put your puppy in its crate for a timeout, the punishment is not the crate, rather, the true discipline isthat your puppy is not allowed to spend time with you. The crate isonly a tool that you use to create distance. Helping your puppyrealize that unwanted behavior will get it temporarily removed fromyour side will also help your puppy adopt behaviors that make youhappy. Our advice, when your puppy starts to get on your nerves, sendit away for a nap.

SIX - Sometimes People Hit Their Puppies

I would think that this rule would explain itself. Sadly, it doesn't.When dealing with a puppy it is vital that you uphold the greatestlevels of respect and personal integrity. This said, I know that youdo not want to hit your puppy, so when you do you must also recognizethat you have lost control. Not only of your puppy but of yourself.Our asking you not to hit your puppy has far more to do withrespecting yourself then it does about puppy training. Our advice,when you get mad enough to hit, send your puppy to its crate. Youcould both use a time out from each other.

FIVE - We Don't Handle Our Puppies Feet Enough.

Millions (yes, millions) of puppy owners run into serious problemsbecause their puppies have never learned to have their toe nailstrimmed. Puppies that would otherwise never bite become nasty littledevils when they see the nail clippers. This is most unfortunatebecause sooner or later your puppy will need to have its toe nailstrimmed and someone is going to have to fight with your puppy. Knowthis, one bite always leads to another and if your puppy bites becauseit is panicked about its feet being touched, that one bite can lead toa whole world of trouble. Our advice. Even if you don't need to trimyour puppies toe nails, fake it. Take out the toe nail clippers eachand every week and gently tap them against your puppy's toe nails. Ifyou do this often enough your puppy will learn to accept the nailclippers as a normal part of life. Yahoo!

FOUR - We Let Our Puppies Party Too Much.

When dealing with young puppies people often fail to establish socialrules that demand public grace. Rather than asking a puppy to sitsilently, or keep its mouth closed, we often socialize our puppies byletting them do what they want. We wrongfully believe that animals,because they are animals, live a free life without any naturalrestrictions. While it is true that baby animals are free, it is alsotrue that their parents enforce an awesome number of rules that demandsocial grace. A young animal that becomes to hyper, loud or fearful,could fall victim to a large number of predators. Now that you have a puppy, you have become your puppy's parent. Assuch you should do your best to insight the kind of puppy trainingthat would happen naturally. Our advice, do not let your puppy beguided by its nose or its desire to play. Set puppy training rulesthat require your puppy to respect these rules, even when she wants toparty.

THREE - We do not follow up on what we say

It has been said that you are what you eat. Well, in truth, you arewhat you say. And this is extremely important to remember whentraining your puppy. Often, far too often, when we ask a puppy to dosomething we do not follow up our words with actions. Take for examplewhen you ask your puppy to "sit". After you issue your request it isvital that your puppy responds favorably. If you say "sit" and yourpuppy is still standing or it runs away, you cannot simply shrug yourshoulders and think "Oh, well...". You must follow up your words withactions that will compel your puppy to respond. Our advice, take amoment to consider weather or not you are able to follow your wordswith actions before you command your puppy to do something. If youask your dog to "come" then you should know how to enforce yourrequest. If you do not know how to enforce your request, do not issueit in the first place.

TWO - We often try to get fast training results

Here we find one of the most detrimental mistakes that most puppyowners make. "Fast Food Puppy Training" is a term we use to describepuppy training methods that fool people into thinking that fastresults are good results. We would like to let you know, here and now,if you are paying for fast puppy training results you are bound to bedisappointed. Puppy training is relationship building. Building asolid relationship with your puppy will take time. It is vital,absolutely vital, that you find and stick with a puppy trainingprogram that will teach you how to understand and triumph over themultitude of little problems your puppy will manifest. Our advice,avoid puppy training methods that guarantee fast results. Great dogsare made in months, not weeks, and certainly not hours!

ONE - We do not take puppy training seriously

As puppy training experts we recognize all of the little mistakes thatpuppy owners make. When have taken the time to point out ten of thesemistakes here. But in truth, there are hundreds of little mistakesthat good puppy owners make each and every day. These mistakes, ifleft uncorrected, slowly mushroom into serious problems that result ingood puppies acting bad. We recognize that the internet is overflowingwith items to buy, most of which you do not need. However, if you havea puppy and you want to keep that puppy in your life for as long as itlives, then The Puppy Prophecy is a indispensable training tool thatwill help you achieve your puppy training goals. Our advice: take yourpuppy's training seriously. Because your puppy's mind is a terriblething to waste.

Your Puppy Is Only A Baby Once. Don't Make Mistakes That Can Be Avoided.


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