Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Salman gets Waxed

Salman Khan recently sat for the measurements of his wax statue to be displayed at Madamme Tussauds in January 2008.

The superstar will join the Big B, SRK and ex girlfriend Aishwarya Rai in the
Bollywood brigade at the world famous museum. Salman’s sculptors caught with the star to get his exact measurements so that his statue looks just like the star. The buzz also suggests that Khan is preparing a special video to be played at the unveiling of his statue which is set for January 15th.
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Nabin said...

हेरन डायल अप् ले हैरान् पारेको छ!
I need cable to insert into my laptop.
Thanks for rocking me!
Are you to keep writing in Hindi?????
Arre yaar samajh bhi jao, I would rather try Nepali and others too!

Navin said...

arey, kohi mera measurement lega bhi?? hahaha.. apun salman bhai.. nahi samjha..!!! samjhau.. abey, kaan ke nichey ek dun toh sab kuch thiganey pey aa jayega..

nahi samjhi, thik hai, chal.. may batata huh, yeh salman mera duplicate hai.. boleto yeh apun ka mafik dhita hai bhiduuuuuuu ha ha ha ha ha..

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