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First Date

So this cute guy has asked you out and all you can think of is what to wear for the evening! If that is what you have been thinking all this while, we suggest you move focus to the kind of conversation you’d want to indulge in with your company for the evening. Nevertheless be careful about what you say because you wouldn’t want to give out any wrong signals on your first date. Here are a few questions you should never ask on a first date.

Are you dating anyone else? 
While this becomes an important question if you are considering a serious relationship, it is definitely not a first date question. A first date is an opportunity to meet and get to know a person. If you are too curious to know if he is dating someone other than you in the first meeting, then it just goes on to show you are being nosy. These questions are best answered when the two of you reach a certain comfort level. 

I am looking for a serious relationship. Are you? 
It is totally fine to get serious in life and start looking for that special person to spend the rest of your life with. But it is not a very good idea to ask your date if he is of the same opinion at the very first meeting. If you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage then casual dating is not exactly the right platform to find Mr Right. Sign up on a matrimonial website instead!

So how much money do you make? 
Money can be a sensitive topic most of the time, unless the man you are out for the first time with is easygoing and doesn't mind discussing it! Asking your date how much money he makes can be a total turn off as it is likely to scare him off. Come to think of it if you are self-sufficient and independent, then his salary should not make any difference to your life. Why should you be interested in his money anyway?

Are you planning to get married soon? 
What if he replied saying “No”?! You wouldn’t walk out of the restaurant, would you? Again, marriage is a serious and tricky question for most of us. It is a lifelong decision that most of us tend to avoid at some point in our lives. But if you are planning to take the first date to another level called ‘marriage’ then you are looking too far ahead. Realise the fact that the first few dates will decide if you both have anything in common or even give a name to your relationship.

I love babies, do you? 
Yes babies are cute but did you know asking your date if he likes them too can freak him out? Women usually tend to be emotional about marriage and kids, something men find difficult to relate to. Plus, your date may not be thinking of going out with you again and therefore dropping hints is not going to work either. Sit back and talk about life. Babies can wait!

When are we going out next?
If your date wants to see you again, he will surely call you. More importantly, ask yourself if you are ready to go out on a second date and if so, prepare to say yes or no accordingly. Give yourselves both time and space to decide if the first one was good enough to give it another shot. Don’t expect hurried answers in any case!

So do you like me? 
If you like the guy on your first date, be patient and wait for things to happen on their own. But can you expect the same from him? Not really we think. Don’t make a fool of yourself by asking him if he likes you and that too on the first date. Again, if he does, he will tell you or take down your phone number.

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