Monday, September 20, 2010

First Date

3 Clever Ways to Spot a Dishonest Guy on the Very First Date

1. HE'S JUST KIDDING. A common tactic of a guy who is lying is to say something, see that you disapprove of it and then tell you that he was "just kidding." For example, if he says he's been divorced 10 times and he sees that you don't think that's such a good thing, he'll laugh it off and say "just kidding."

2. HE'S HOT. Liars tend to get hot and have an elevated body temperature, at least according to a 2006 Time Magazine article on how to spot one.

3. HE CAN'T SEE STRAIGHT. Liars can often be spotted by their shifty eyes. They can't seem to focus on you when they talk and instead shift their eyes from side to side.

Article Source: dont date him girl

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