Thursday, May 1, 2008


Man! Hrithik too is in Vogue

If you have been an ardent follower of fashion and films, then, you will surely recollect that the fashion magazine Elle had launched its male cover with none other than the King Khan himself, with droplets of water adorning the King’s glorious face. So, when the latest fashion entrant Vogue decided to launch Vogue India Man, its men's supplement, then, how can they settle for nothing but the best! That’s why they chose none other than the Krrish man himself: Hrithik Roshan! With this man on the cover, we are sure that the readers will surely go Krazzy. Vogue India Man is a 75-page supplement that touches upon fashion, cars, clothes, watches, grooming products and gadgets tips for every man. And needless to say that it will surely touch your heart! What say! Touché’!

Bipasha back in ‘Vogue’

With everyone is digging into their ‘fifth’ standard books all over again for an upcoming TV show with SRK, we also thought of doing something that will trace your brains into something that we learnt in the fifth standards! And that’s called the ‘Degrees’.For starters, there are three degrees: Positive, Comparative, and Superlative. For example: The Positive degree of ‘Good’ is ‘Better’ while its Superlative degree is ‘Best’. If only we had the authority to be the Final Authority in Bollywood Grammar, then, we would have definitely positioned the degrees as follows: The positive degree of ‘Hot’ is ‘Hotter’ and its Superlative degree is not ‘hottest’ (as many of you must have thought), because it is ... BIPASHA BASU! Yes indeed, this Bong-Bomb’s heat can even put the sun to shame! And guess what! She is doing exactly that, in the May edition of Vogue India! If her new hairstyle is something to die for, then, her deep dusky hazel dew eyes definitely serves as Oxygen!

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